Capturing one’s inner beauty
Redefining the masculine and feminine forms
Fusion of body and spiritual disciplines

"...At night in bed, she sticks her cold feet on my warm legs. I am her radiator. I love how my maternal grandmother kisses me, how she plays with me. Away from any male contact, I was able to develop a full and virgin masculinity. I was and I am the man per definition by the women who have loved me and who love me. The pink feminine universe is part of a dimension and the rest of my life, including also the male universe is part of another dark black violet dimension. I am both male and female, both powerful and sensitive, both flexible and muscular, an angel as well as a witch ...”
Excerpt from my book "Révélation Ma Révolution (Revelation My Revolution)"

Loïc Lebret begins his formation by exploring different forms of dance and discovering the movements of connection existing between two dance partners. He quickly becomes world champion of Acrobatic Rock, Ballroom Dancing and Pole Dance. Early on, through his passion for transmission and integration of knowledge, he recognizes his teaching vocation. Over the years, he acquired maturity, experience and a deep awareness of energy and of the human being. He opened his school, and keeps dancing, performing and teaching around the world, for "France’s got talent", Florence Foresti, Centre de danse du Marais in Paris, AERA in New York ...
He guided more than 5000 students during his career. Loïc intensely lives several roles, such as those of financial expert, painter, stage costume designer, theater artist, actor, model, international performer ... He travels, studies and develops his quantic view of life and dance, which led to the creation of the “Volibré” concept, in which pole dance is the heart. The human being performing pole dance makes a rise and finds immediate expression in a "pure experience" without reflection, but fully conscious.
Volibré is a path for development that restores the original connective circuits in the cerebral cortex, consequently solving the mind-body problem. Loïc vision and knowledge place Pole Dance between earth and sky. They are based on truth, on the substance rather than on the form, defying the laws of gravity and those of energy: perfection is only a consequence of our journey.

Loïc Lebret is a pioneer, a master, a championships’ judge and expert of pole dance, founder and director of Volibré training and method, as well as Director of Volibré Studio at “Centre de Danse du Marais” in Paris.